RFTS Childbirth Class has been developed to inform and prepare you for the events of birth and parenthood

Provides practical parenting support addressing your babies feeding, sleep and everyday needs

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About Me

Sue is a mother, mothercraft nurse , midwife and childbirth facilitator. She has been a practising midwife for the past 30 years and for the past 11yrs has be running rightfromthestart.

Sue trained as a Mothercraft Nurse at Tresillian Petersham and then followed the desire to work with parents and babies by completing her registered training as a Nurse. Sue then later trained as a midwife at on of Sydney major Maternity teaching hospitals, followed by teaching childbirth classes for 16yrs at a private maternity hospital in Sydney .

Parenting is an important part of sues life and she thoroughly enjoys helping to guide parents, together with there obstetricians and midwifes in one of the most pleasurable times in their lives

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RFTS provides prospective parents with individual support about labour, birth and parenting.

Birthing classes

Individual needs will be addressed to promote positive childbirth experiences

Onset of labour and when to come to hospital

role os support person using natural resources to assist with the birthing process

Medial forms of pain relief

unexpected outcomes. Assisted birth and Caesarean sections

immediate care of mother and baby

Postnatal Class

Postnatal class is to provide positive guidelines and support for:

Newborn babies needs

Understanding newborns feeding patterns

Understanding babies sleep patterns and cycles/techniques

tradition to parenting

resources in the community

Parenting Class 

Skills will be encouraged to build confidence in caring for the growing baby

sleep and settling patterns for the growing baby

Lactation/feeding issues

Growth and development stages, introduction to solids/toileting



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